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To Serve Your Graphic Needs,

MacMouser Graphics Offers Years of Experience in producing...

  1. Logos    • Desk Top Publishing    • Brochures    • Signage    • Flyers    • Silk Screen Art

  2. Business Cards    • Labels (Standard and Flexi)    • Post Cards    • Scans    • Book Layout

  3. Photo Retouch    • Cover Design    • Photography    • Ad Design    • Vehicle Art

  4. Magazine Layout    • Resumes Layout    • Catalog Design     • Web Design    • Posters      

  5. Dvd/Cd Cover Design    • Pre Press and just about any kind of graphics you may be in need of.

Work via internet or have setup and will travel to meet your needs from the Portland Oregon to the Greater Seattle Washington area (Snohomish Washington).

Rates depends on nature of project.

Freelance since 1971, DBA MacMouser Graphics.

To See Full Portfolio of print and design projects, or

if you are interested and have questions please email or call.

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